Sci­ence Revi­sion Weekend

Are you study­ing S345 or S377 at the moment?

(or, come to that, S216S279S282SD226SK320S330S366S369S382S383SM358SMT359)

Get­ting at all nervous about that exam in October?

If so, you might want to con­sider the Sci­ence Revi­sion Week­end. Gen­er­ally reckoned to be very use­ful and also good fun. “Early bird” prices are avail­able if your pay­ment is received and cleared before 1st August!

Alchemy forum on Moodle

Some of you were ask­ing us about forum on this web­site. I can proudly announce you that the OU Alchemy Soci­ety forum is on the Open Uni­ver­sity web­site, under OUSA Sci­ence For­ums. Click here to take part in our discussions

Course review added for S215

A new course review has been added to our ever grow­ing col­lec­tion. Now, the very import­ant S215 Chemistry: The Essential Concepts is under the micro­scope. You can not do Chem­istry with the Open Uni­ver­sity without tak­ing this course. Curi­ous? Take a look!

New website

We have a brand new web­site! It is excit­ing, isn’t it? Please bear with us while we are work­ing on it. The Open University’s stu­dent per­petual wish is “I wish I know what “free time” means. We are adding art­icles, reviews, pic­tures, links, etc on an almost daily basis, so please pop in often. Also, be a little under­stand­ing of the minor “mis­haps” appear­ing on the web­site every now and again — the web­mas­ter is learn­ing to deal with this as she goes along. Enjoy the web­site and do not for­get to register. It’s free at the moment, and you have a lot more inform­a­tion avail­able to you.