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Name: Cath Brown


Originally an Essex Girl, but lived in Birmingham for more than 20 years. Despite swearing aged 17 that one thing I’d never do was to teach… I’ve been teaching for over 20 years -mainly maths, but also odd bits of chemistry, physics, and other things.

The OU is just for fun – as well as chemistry, I’ve also done some physics, engineering and an odd bit of history.

When I’m not doing something related to the OU (which doesn’t happen much now!) I enjoy reading almost anything, travel, eating, drinking and gossipping.

Favourite bits of chemistry: Any phys chem , crystal field theory, molecular orbital theory.


Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Name: Kay Burrows


I did my chemistry degree with the OU and I’m currently doing a PhD in inorganic and materials chemistry at The University of Leeds.

I have a love for transition metals, X-ray crystallography, polymers, organic synthesis and materials science (in no particular order).

When I’m not thinking about chemistry, I play a few different instruments and listen to a lot of music!




Name: Gavin Lyndsay


I obtained a degree in Chemistry in 1978 and worked in petrochem for 5 years, ending up in Brussels at the regional technology centre for Essochem Europe. However, that wasn’t really me so I ran away to the hills.

When I returned, I trained in computer programming and analysis and spent 15 years doing that. That wasn’t really me either so I then spent the next 15 years working in the charity sector.

Now, and for my next 15 years, I am ready for self-actualization by returning to the chemical industry to change the world for the better.


Web Administrator

Name: Anca Seaton

About: Coming Soon


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  • Leah Moyse
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  • Jamie Pettit
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