News - exam paper answers

Dear all

We have been asked by the OU chemistry staff to remove our unofficial answers.

Tthis is because in the current circumstances, with all exams being remote, they could all too easily be used to cheat by copying and pasting.

We're sorry - we know that will be disappointing - but hope you understand the reasoning.

We are OU Alchemy

Who is OU Alchemy for?

Our soci­ety is for any­one who has an interest in chem­istry, is study­ing chem­istry, is con­sid­er­ing study­ing it, has ever stud­ied it or who teaches it. Yes, it’s also for those people who’re obliged to study it but aren’t too fond of it – we’re here to help (and we hope we might con­vert you!)

Although we anti­cip­ate many of our mem­bers will be cur­rent OU stu­dents or staff, alumni are also extremely wel­come, and any­one else can join if they would like to!

What are we try­ing to achieve?

  • To encour­age an interest in chem­istry, both within and bey­ond the curriculum
  • To sup­port OU stu­dents who meet any chem­istry in their stud­ies, whether or not they con­sider them­selves to be chem­istry students
  • To improve under­stand­ing of the role of chem­istry in our world
  • To provide oppor­tun­it­ies for stu­dents to meet (online or in real life) for sub­ject dis­cus­sion, mutual sup­port, or social purposes - to have fun!